Design of Frequency Limiting Circuit Based on Nonlinear Matched Reflection-Mode Bandstop Resonator

Z. Zakaria, N.H Ali, M.S Mohamad Isa, A. Awang Md Isa


This paper presents the design of frequency
selective limiting circuit based on nonlinear matched reflectionmode bandstop resonator. This type of Frequency Selective
Limiters (FSL) can achieve fast switching, high-level of power
limiting, and flexible channel bandwidth as well as has the ability
to protect the sensitive circuitry against large interfering signals.
A prototype first-degree frequency selective limiting circuit based
on bandstop response is proposed and designed. The circuit has
the center frequency of 2.4 GHz and is implemented on an FR4
substrate with a thickness of 1.6 mm and dielectric constant
(εr) of 4.7. Experimental results show excellent agreement with
simulated performance. This new class of FSL would be useful in
microwave systems such as in wideband electronic warfare
receiver as multi-channel band-stop filters.


Bandstop filters; frequency selective limiting; microstrip resonator; microwave limiters; nonlinear filters


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