3D Model Construction of Turntable and Robotic Arm Sequence

Norliana Azhar, Wira Hidayat Mohd Saad, Saiful Anuar Abd. Karim, Norhashimah Mohd Saad, Nurulfajar Abd Manap


This study is done to evaluate the factors affecting the 3D reconstruction model by using a different image acquisition technique; an autonomous rotatable robotic arm and a turntable. Two sets of sequential images were obtained using different projection angle of the camera. The silhouettebased approach is used in this study for 3D reconstruction from the sequential images captured of several different angles of the object. Other than that, an analysis based on the effect of a different number of sequential images to the accuracy of 3D model reconstruction was also carried out with a fixed projection angle of the camera. The effecting elements in the 3D reconstruction are discussed and the overall result of the analysis is concluded according to the prototype of imaging platform. It shows that, by using a robotic arm resulting with better final image reconstruction.


Autonomous robotic arm, turntable, image acquisition, silhouette-based approach, 3D model reconstruction and accuracy;

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