Simulation of Invasive Ultrasonic Tomography for Three Phase Mixture

Abdulrahman Alfareh, M. H. F. Rahiman, M. T. M. Talib, Jaysuman Pusppanathan, Juliza Jamaludin


Crude Oil Mixture has been a concern research area for many researchers and organization. Because of the importance of oil and its component, in order to separate and measure its components, which considered as black gold for 20th century till now. Non-invasive ultrasonic tomography has been applied to investigate and differentiate the verity of crude oil components have some limitations in terms of the wave penetration through the pipes and reflection of signals. Thus, the approach that has been proposed in this project is by using invasive ultrasonic tomography method to visualize the structure distribution and deliver some information such as mixture concentration and mass of flow components of different materials. Ultrasonic wave propagation with various frequencies of the transmission signal has been implemented in software platform (FEM), to evaluate the design and investigate the result. Therefore, the main consideration in designing of an ultrasonic system is the efficiency of the ultrasonic sensor and the frequency of propagated signals. The contribution in this project is developing a three-phase measurement for a mixture using invasive Ultrasonic technique to improve the accuracy of the system and implement Linear Back Projection Algorithm (LBPA). The conclusion of this paper has shown the capability of ultrasonic transducers of visualizing the internal distribution of multi-phase mixture.


Crude Oil Mixture; Propagated Signals Invasive; Ultrasonic Approach;

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