Detection of Circulatory Diseases Through Fingernails Using Artificial Neural Network

Lean Karlo Tolentino, Renz Marion Aragon, Winnie Rose Tibayan, Angelie Alvisor, Pauline Grace Palisoc, Geralyn Terte


This study focuses on detection of circulatory diseases such as Coronary Occlusion, Congestive Heart Failure, and Congenital Heart Disease by analyzing fingernails. It used an image processing system which includes image segmentation, color threshold, and shape analysis. The fingernail database used are classified using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The proposed detection system diagnosed 6 patients having the said diseases (3 Congenital Heart Failure, 2 Congenital Heart Disease, and 1 Coronary Occlusion). It was matched with all the findings and diagnosis of all the attending specialists. With this, it was 100% successful in detecting circulatory diseases.


Artificial Neural Network; Circulatory Disease; Fingernails; Image Processing;

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