Review of Environmental Wireless Sensor Networks System and Design

Mohd Faiz Rohani, Kamilia Kamardin, Noor Azurati Ahmad, Kamarul Zaman Panatik, Azizul Azizan, Siti Sophiayati Yuhaniz, Sya Azmeela Shariff


The paper presents the review of wireless system networks development for environmental application. An environmental problem such as climate change requires urgent attention. The use of embedded system and wireless sensors make monitoring possible for areas such as remote and harsh environment. Environment parameters such CO2 and other greenhouse gasses are monitored using the sensor attached to a wireless remote node from a different location and transmitted to the central unit for processing. It is important to use the right type of wireless technology since the remote application requires low power management and resistance to noise. There are several types of modules such as WI-FI, GPRS, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other wireless technology. The related work in this field will be reviewed and factors such as topology, power requirement, and good system design approach will be taken into account for the system review.


Design Review; Environment; WirelessSensor Networks;

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