Lossy Compression of Medical Images Using Multiwavelet Transforms

Jaleel S. Jameel, Moaz H. Ali, Mohammed Abomaaly, Hadi K. Shamkhi, Noor Yahya


In this paper, a new technique is developed for efficient medical image compression based on MWT transforms, which are employed with the VQ algorithm in different distribution. Lossy compression based on multi-wavelet transforms is considered a new technique for compression MRI and CT images. Medical image compression is crucial to reduce power consumption and improve data transmission efficiency. Particularly, the method can be categorized into time-domain and transform-domain groups. The proposed method offers a better compression performance for medical images with VQ. The codebook size refers to the total numbers of code vectors in the codebook. As the size of codebook increase the quality of the reconstructed signal improves. However, the compression ratio is reduced. Therefore, there is a tradeoff between the quality of the reconstructed signal and the amount of compression achieved. Hence, the extensive simulation confirms the improvement in compression performances offered by multiwavelet transform over a single transform.


Medical Image; Lossy Technique; Compression; Multi-Wavelet Transforms; Vector Quantization;

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