An Analysis of Reconfigurable SIW Filter Reconfigurable Antenna using Varactor Diodes

W. Y . Sam, Z. Zakaria


This paper introduces a novel reconfigurable SIW filter and reconfigurable antenna for 4G applications by using varactor diodes. This SIW filter consists of two floating islands with two via holes that connected with two varactor diodes while the antenna has a slot on the patch itself. This method allows designing SIW filter and patch antenna with the tunable centre frequency with a constant absolute bandwidth. The filter and antenna is designed through the simulation on a standard printed circuit board technology. The SIW filter at 2.097 GHz shows an insertion loss of 1.87 dB and 3 dB bandwidth of 163.39 MHz while at 2.012 GHz gives return loss of 32.17 dB and 10 dB bandwidth of 40.28 MHz. This reconfigurable SIW filter and reconfigurable antenna are used to obtain a good performance that suitable for integration with any reconfigurable planar structure. This analysis provides an alternative solution for reconfigurable SIW filter and antenna, particularly in 4G communication systems.


Bandpass Filter; Bandwidth; Reconfigurable Antenna; Reconfigurable Filter; Varactor Diode;

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