Effect of Modified Harmony Search Towards The Area Coverage In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

N.H. Halim, A.A.M. Isa, A.M.A. Hamid, I.S.M. Isa


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) have attracted many researcher to dig deeper of their abilities and specialty in carrying sensing duty. A lot of improvements have been done from day to day in many aspects including crucial issues such as energy and area coverage. Modified Harmony Search (MHS) is an improvement from basic Harmony Search (HS) method. All HS method will undergo the same step which are initialization of parameter, initialization of Harmony Memory (HM), improvisation, HM update and criterion checked. MHS undergo improvisation at the third step where the selection criteria is referring to the node placement in the memory. In this paper, we are implementing Modified Harmony Search algorithm (MHS) for node deployment purpose and the performance index such as area coverage is observed.


Area; Coverage; Harmony; Modified; Wireless;

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