ANFIS Based Firing Angle Control of TSC-TCR for Reactive Power Compensation

Istiyo Winarno, Mochamad Ashari, Heri Suryoatmojo


Reactive Power Compensation is an interesting topic to discuss especially in power quality improvement scheme. The compensation is needed in purpose of compensating the reactive power affected by varied loads in the electric system. The appropriate amount of compensation could be achieved by triggering the TSC-TCR with an appropriate firing angle. This paper proposed the firing angle control strategy based on ANFIS. The results show that proposed controller could give the satisfaction result of the power system’s need of reactive compensation with the average percentage error is 0.3796. Therefore, it can be used effectively in the TSCTCR which already exists in the power system.


Reactive Power Compensation; ANFIS, Firing Angle; TSC-TCR;

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