Bow-Tie Patch Antenna with Different Shaped of Complementary Split Ring Resonator (SRR) Structures

Amier Hafizun Ab Rashid, Nornikman Hassan, Muhammad Syafiq Noor Azizi, Mohamad Hafize Ramli


In this paper, several shaped split ring resonator has been added to the bow-tie antenna design to improve it return loss or shifted the resonant frequency. Firstly, the design is started with the basic bow-tie patch antenna of Design A. Then, the single type of split ring resonator has been added to the bow-tie patch antenna. Six different shapes of single split ring resonator structures are designed in this work including circular SRR (Design Antenna B1), square SRR (Design Antenna B2), rhombic SRR (Design Antenna B3), spiral (Design Antenna B4), quadruple P-spiral SRR (Design Antenna B5) and Minkowski Island SRR (Design Antenna B6). Lastly, the bowtie patch antenna with double ring split ring resonator (Design Antenna C) had been done. For Design Antenna C, it shows that with the addition of split ring resonator, the frequency has been shifted from 2.40 GHz to 2.332 GHz. The return loss of this antenna increased from – 20.160 dB to – 27.617 dB.


Split Ring Resonator; Patch Antenna; bow-tie; Resonant Frequency; Return Loss;

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