Content-Aware Radio Resource Management for IMT-Advanced

Muhammad Syahrir Johal, Garik Markarian, Azmi Awang Md Isa, Yosza Dasril


Radio Resource Management (RRM) is crucial to properly handle the delivery of quality-of-service (QoS) in IMT-Advanced systems. Normally, cross-layer optimization (CLO) involving the PHY and MAC layers, is used to provide proper resource scheduling to the overall system. Significant researches on CLO techniques incorporating the APP layer are also performed, however, the studies on the performance parameters such as system throughput, packet loss ratio and delay for a certain time are lacking. Furthermore, compatibility with the legacy systems and standards was not considered as one of the major criteria for design. Consequently, a content-aware radio resource management (RRM) model employing cross-layer optimizer focusing on video conferencing/streaming application for single cell longterm evolution (LTE) system is proposed. Based on a developed look-up table, the cross-layer optimizer can dynamically adjust the transmitted data rate depending on the user-equipment (UE) or eNodeB SINR performance. It is shown that for video packet delivery in both uplink and downlink transmissions, the content-aware RRM model vastly outperforms the legacy LTE baseline model in terms of packet loss ratio for the same amount of throughput.


Content Aware Radio Resource Management; Cross Layer Optimisation; IMT-Advanced; Radio Resource Management;

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