Vol 12, No 1

Table of Contents


The Influence of Current on Laser Welding on Mechanical Properties and Micro Structures of Dissimilar Metal Joints PDF
Syamsul Ma'arif, Bambang Irjanto, Rena Juwita Sari 1-9
Structural Dynamic Modelling of a Multi-Storey Shear Frame using Mass and Stiffness Addition PDF
Opukuro David-West 10-27
Buckling load analysis of cracked curved beams using differential quadrature element method PDF
M Zare, Alireza Asnafi 28-36
Non-Catalytic Microwave Assisted Transesterification of Palm Oil with Dimethyl Carbonate PDF
Siti Aqilah Samsuddin 37-52
Development of a Practical Motorcycle Towing Device PDF
Nik Amirudin Anas Nik Hak, Dr. Shamsul Anuar Shamsudin, Mohd Azman Abdullah, Shahrudin Zakaria 53-66
Development of Planar, Shape-changing Rigid Body Segmentation Process for General Design Profiles PDF
Dr. Shamsul Anuar Shamsudin, Zairulazha Zainal, Mohd Nizam Sudin, Huthaifa Ahmed Al-Issa 67-82

PRINT ISSN No.: 2180-1053
E ISSN No.: 2289-8123