Vol 6, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Treatment Domestic Wastewater Using UASB and DFAF Two Phase Combined Reactor Systems: Preliminary Study PDF
M.A.A. Kadir, A.A.A. Latiff, Z. Daud 1-8
Critical Evaluation of Application Porting in Mobile Platforms PDF
K. Madadipouya 9-17
Development of Simvastatin Production by Monascus Purpureus in Solid-State Fermentation using Agricultural Product PDF
F.M. Said 18-28
Failure Modes of GFRP After Multiple Impacts Determined by Acoustic Emission and Digital Image Correlation PDF
A.J. Jefferson, V. Arumugam, C. Santulli, A. Jennifers, M. Poorani 29-51
Generating T-Way Test Suite in The Presence Of Constraints PDF
A.A. Alsewari, K.Z. Zamli, B. AL-Kazemi 52-66
Study of Palm Oil Mill Effluents Treatment Using Bio Engineered Structure Biomedia PDF
A.A.M. Azoddein, A.B. Bustary, F.A. Mohd Azli, N.H.Z. Abidin, I.M. Ali, M.S.M. Desa 67-74
Compaction Characteristics of Oil Contaminated Residual Soil PDF
J.R. Oluremi, A.P. Adewuyi, A.A. Sanni 75-87
Sliding Mode Controller of Automatic Braking System PDF
M.A. Subari, K. Hudha, N.H. Amer 88-108
Screening and Optimising Metal Salt Concentration for Harvestiing Nannochloropsis by Flocculation PDF
G.K. Chua, N.A. Saarani 109-120
Modelling and Control of seven DOF Ride Model Using Hybrid Controller Optimized By Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
M.H.I. Amin, K. Hudha, N.H. Amer, Z. Abd Kadir, A. Faiz 121-142
Porous Glass-Ceramic Composite from Recycled Soda Lime Silica Glass and Charcoal Carbon PDF
Z. Mustafa, N.F. Ishak, Z. Shamsudin, N.F. Sapari, J.M. Juoi 143-150
Computation of Eigenvalue-Eigenvector and Harmonic Motion Solution for Laminated Rubber-Metal Spring PDF
M.A. Salim, M.R. Mansor, M.T. Musthafah, M.Z. Akop, A. Putra, M.A. Abdullah 151-164


ISSN : 2180-3811       E-ISSN : 2289-814X

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