Vol 4, No 1 (2013)


Table of Contents


Improving Performance-limited Interference System with Coordinated Multipoint Transmission PDF
A. S. M. Zain, A. Yahya, M.F.A. Malek, N. Omar, J.A. Al-Dhaibani 1-12
Relationship of the Utilization of Ubiquitous Technology and Technology Competency among Undergraduates in Malaysian Technical Universities PDF
M. Sedek, R. Mahmud, A.H. Jalil, M.S. Daud 13-26
E-learning in Malaysian Technical University Network PDF
M. S. Khalid, S. Yamin 27-38
Characterizations of Biocompatible and Bioactive Hydroxyapatite Particles PDF
M. N. Salimi, A. Anuar 39-50
Investigation of All-Optical Switching OCDMA Testbed under the Influence of Chromatic Dispersion and Timing Jitter PDF
S. K. Idris, T. B. Osadola, I. Glesk 51-66
Assessing Causal Relationships Between Construction Resources and Cost Overrun Using PLS Path Modelling Focusing in Southern and Central Region of Malaysia PDF
A. H. Memon, I. A. Rahman, A. A. Abdul Azis 67-78
Simpler Nonhydrostatics UNBab Mapping Function for Tropospheric Delay PDF
H. Sakidin 79-84
Effect of Soot Particle Diameter to Soot Movement in Diesel Engine PDF
M. H Hanafi, W.M.F. Wan Mahmood, M.Z Abdul Manaf, S. Zakaria, M.N.A Saadun 85-94
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Variants with Triangular Mutation PDF
R. Hashim, M. Imran, N. E. A. Khalid 95-108
Validation and Experimental Evaluation of Magnetorheological Brake-by-Wire System PDF
M. A. Abdullah, A. Z. Zainordin, K. Hudha 109-122
Enhancement of Biodiesel Yield from High FFA Malaysian Rubber Seed Oil with Sodium Methoxide Treated Limestone PDF
S. A. W. Muhamad, J. Gimbun, C. K. Cheng, S. Nurdin 123-132
Design and Stress Analysis of Artificial Hip Joint PDF
H. Samekto 133-146
Temperature Effect on Forming of Self-Reinforced Polypropylene Based Lightweight Metal Composite Structure PDF
S. DharMalingam, S. Kalyanasundaram 147-158
Model of a Corrosion Pit with Movement of Active Boundaries PDF
S. Salleh, N. Stevens 159-169


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