Vol 2 (2011)


Table of Contents


A SMS-Based Intelligent Disaster Alert System PDF
A.S.H. Basari, A.M. Zain, N.K. Ibrahim, N. Yusof, S.A. Asmai 1-10
Characterizations of Electromagnetic Radiated Emission from Digital Electronic Circuits in Conductive Enclosure PDF
S.M. Mustam, M.Z.M. Jenu 11-22
Design and Fabrication of n-ISFET using Si3N4 as a Sensing Membrane for pH Measurement PDF
C.S. Fatt, N.A. Bakar, N.A. Johari, M.N. Haron, N.S.M. Desa, U. Hashim 23-30
Earthquake Analysis over the Equatorial Region by Using the Critical Frequency Data and Geomagnetic Index PDF
K. Nagarajoo 31-42
Electronic Patient Record for Dental Charting PDF
A.R. Hussain, A. A. Aziz, N. Mohammed, S. Mohtar 43-54
Experimental Study on Low Cost Biodiesel Production Alkaline Based Catalysts by Using Frying Oil PDF
M.M. Zamberi, M.R. Ayob, M.Z. Ibrahim 55-66
Influence of Recycled High Density Polyethylene on the Conventional and Morphology Properties of Bitumen PDF
W.M. Nazmi, A.F. Abdul Wahab 67-74
Labor Utilization and Man to Machine Ratio Study at a Semiconductor Facility PDF
R. Abdullah, A.B. Mohd Rodzi 75-84
Online Theme Landscaping Decision Support System PDF
N. Hassan, Y.M. Mohmad Hassim, Z.A. Afip@Afif, S.E. Suan 85-92
The Effects of Air Flow in the Wake of a Large Vehicle on Trailing a Passenger Car PDF
S.H. Amirnordin, W.S. Islam, S. M. Seri, M.F. Ariffin, H. A. Rahman, I. Taib, A. N. Mohamad, A. J. Alimin 93-105
Thermal Analysis of Ventilated Disc Brake Rotor for UTeM Formula Varsity Race Car PDF
M.F. Abu Bakar, M.R. Mansor, M.Z. Akop, M.A. Mohd Rosli, M. A. Salim 106-116
Web-based Dairy Cattle’s Feeding Allocation System PDF
Y.M. Mohamad Hassim, N. Hassan, N. Arbaiy 117-130


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