Vol 1 (2010)


Table of Contents


Feed-forward Control Schemes of a Flexible Robot Manipulator System PDF
M.A. Ahmad, Z. Mohamed, Z. Ismail 1-14
Micronised Biomass Silica as Cement Replacement Material in Concrete PDF
A.S. Hani, Y.L. Lee, A.R. Ismail, M.S. Hamidah, Y. Hanita 15-22
Designing Animated Pedagogical Agent (APA) to Scaffold Student Learning on Online Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Environment PDF
F. Shahbodin, R.A. Talib 23-36
Modeling of Common Rail Fuel Injection System of Four Cylinder Hydrogen Fueled Engine PDF
M. Kamil, M.M. Rahman, R.A. Bakar 37-52
Analysis of Entry Qualification for Student Performance: An Intelligence Approach PDF
M.M. Noor, K. Kadirgama, M.M. Rahman, R.A. Bakar, A. Ibrahim 53-62
The Correlations and Soil Properties Analysis of Temerloh, Pahang PDF
M. Hasan, A. Abdullah, A. Marto 63-74
The Effect of Carbon Black Grades in Tyre Tread Compounds PDF
M. Bijarimi, Z. Hassan, M.D. Beg, Z. Abidin 75-84
Waste to Valuable by-Product: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Cd, Cu and Pb Ion Removal by Decanter Cake PDF
N. Dewayanto, M.H. Husin, L.K. Yong, M.R. Nordin 85-98
Optimisation Of Polymer Particles Propulsion On Caesium Ion-Exchanged Channel Waveguide For Stem Cells Sorting Applications PDF
M.M. Shahimin, O.G. Hellesø, J.S. Wilkinson, T. Melvin 99-112
Partial Replacement of Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) on Mechanical Properties of Old Newspaper Filled Diphenylmethane Diisoeyanale (MDI) Foam Composites PDF
Z. Dahlia, H. Salmah, O. Azlin 113-118
Properties of Modified Polystyrene Lightweight Aggregate in Concrete PDF
R.F. Venny, I.K. Nizar, A.M.M.A. Bakri 119-128
The Effect Of Modified UNBabc Mapping Function On The Improvement Of Global Positioning System Tropospheric Delay PDF
H. Sakidin, T.C. Chuan, S. Sakidin 129-136
Rapid Prototyping of Wood-Based Material PDF
M.S. Wahab, A. Wagiman, N.M. Zuki 137-148
Failure Analysis on Skunk-Arm of Electrical Tower PDF
A. Rivai, M.R. Said 149-160
Simulation of an Active Front Bumper System for Frontal Impact Protection PDF
M.Z.M. Nasir, A.Z. Pokaad, K. Hudha, N.R.M. Din 161-176


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