Vol 11, No 1 (2020)


Table of Contents


Machine Learning Shrewd Approach For An Imbalanced Dataset Conversion Samples PDF
S. Ashraf, T. Ahmed
Assessment of the Resilience to Failure and Stochastic Modeling of Compressive Strengths of some Nigerian Grown Timber Species PDF
A. Aboshio, I. Ismail
Parking Lot Occupancy Detection Using Image Overlay And Intersection Technique With Harris Corner Detector PDF
J.S.L. Tang, S. Manickam
Ergonomic Chair Design For Thermal Comfort Using Phase Change Materials PDF
N. Nandakumar, N. Muthukumaran, P. Arunkumar
Studying The Collector Performance Of Updraft Solar Chimney Power Plant PDF
W. M. A-Elmagid, I. Keppler, I. Molnar, M.F.C. Esmail, T. Mekhail
Reducing Wastage In Electricity Usage Through The Use Of Advancement In GSM Technology PDF
S.O. Adetona, A.O. Ogundeji, O. Ipinnimo, R.I. Salawu
Prediction And Optimization Of En8 Mild Steel Material Removal Rate And Surface Roughness Using Response Surface Methodology PDF
A.A. Erameh, E.K. Orhorhoro
Integrating Retrofit IOT Controller With Electric Power System For Manual Wheelchair PDF
M. M. A. Rahim, A. F. Kadmin, S. F. Abd Gani, K. A. A. Aziz, R. A. Hamzah, A. Z. Jidin


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