Vol 8, No 1 (2017)


Table of Contents


Fuzzy Logic Mechanism for an improved Assessment into Lifting related injury risks among Nigeria women. PDF
H.O. Adeyemi, O.O. Akinyemi, Z.O.O. Jagun, S.I. Kuye, M.A. Sulaiman, N.S. Lawal, C.A. Adeyemi
Mechanical and Combustion Characteristics of Oil Palm Biomass Fuel Briquette PDF
J.K. Odusote, H.O. Muraina
Development of a Low-Cost Digital Logic Training Module for Students Laboratory Experiments PDF
L.A. Ajao, J. Agajo, A.O. Ajao, J.T. Oke
A Case Study: SMED Contributor using Shapley Value PDF
S.S Sulaiman, M.A. Mansor
Critical Gap Analysis of Merging Sections at Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road PDF
M.E Sanik, N. F. L. Rahimi, N.B. Hamid, A. H. M. Nor, J. Prasetijo, N.F. Razali
The Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnership Highway Construction Project in Malaysia PDF
F.E. Mohamed Ghazali, S. Abd Rashid, A.F. Mohd Sadullah
A Real Time System for Traffic Monitoring by using Kalman Filter PDF
E. Abu Bakar, A. Abdullah
An integrated Statistical Variance and VIKOR methods for Prioritising Power Generation problems in Nigeria PDF
I. Emovon, D. O. Samuel
Evaluation of Radio Link Design with Different Modulation and Antenna Schemes PDF
D. Varlı, R. Benzer


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