An Analysis of Energy Mix in Peninsular Malaysia in Line with the Malaysia's Existing Energy Policy

R.M. Sharip, P.N.E. Nohuddin, N.H. Radzi, M.A.U. Amir, K.B. Ching


This paper considers dynamic changes of energy-mix available in Peninsular Malaysia with respect to the Malaysia’s energy policies and evaluates these on experimental basis. This research applied a Data Mining approach; Self Organizing Map (SOM) Algorithm for trend cluster analysis time series data. The approach can provide a number of capabilities to uncover relationships between data attributes, uncover relationships between observations, predict the outcome of future observations and learn how to best react to situations through trial and error by using reinforcement learning. Based on the experiment, the test results have shown that the application is able to accommodate large sets of data and produced the trend lines graphs thus at the same time, a clearer picture of scenarios and the latest trend of energy mix applied in Peninsular Malaysia were successfully obtained; it is shown that Malaysian government should increase the execution and improvement in the realization and implementation of energy policy in Malaysia. Besides, Malaysia still has a lot of potential in order to fully utilise renewable energy resources. 

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ISSN : 2180-3811       E-ISSN : 2289-814X

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