A Study To Analyze Impact Of Social Media On Society: Whatsapp In Particular

M. Mangla, S. Ambarkar, R. Akhare


with an enormous growth in the number of users for social media, it becomes important to understand its impact on the society. This paper is a small step in this direction by analyzing the impact of social media on the emotional health of its users. The paper in particular focuses on the impact of WhatsApp usage. In the study authors have focused their research on 98 users. In this survey authors found that WhatsApp has a significant impact on the humans these days. Some findings during this study are alarming and needs to be controlled. It is noticed during the survey that WhatsApp has greatly influenced the life style of its users and therefore its usage should be monitored and controlled to avoid any adverse affect on emotional health of its users. 

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ISSN : 2180-3811       E-ISSN : 2289-814X

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