International Journal of Human and Technology Interaction (IJHaTI)

International Journal of Human and Technology Interaction (IJHaTI, ISSN: 2590-3551, eISSN: 2600-8122) is an Open Access Journal that allows immediate viewing and access to research outputs as well as free usage of researchers’ results. This unique Journal provides a platform for all researchers to share their views on unexplored areas of human and technology interactionand to discuss on known methods which have scope for improvement. 

The growing of research in the area of  human and technology are indisputable. Human and technology are often seen as interacting to each other in number of ways. Technologies are used to enhance human activities in solving problems and needs. The success or failure of technologies, the question whether technology helps humans to fulfill their goals or whether it hinders them is in most cases not a technical one. Even though this problem has been recognized in many academic disciplines that deal with technology, we are still far from being able to present a set of theories that would allow us to understand the interaction of human and technology to put it into practical use. 

The journal invites contributions from both scholars and practitioners involved in research, management, and the utilization of human and technology interaction, comprising but not limited to work in areas of age-related rehabilitation, incontinence technology, blast injury rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, functional rehabilitation, technologies promoting independent living and any area where the application of engineering technology and technology management can be applied. IJHaTI will be published twice a year.

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International Journal of Human and Technology Interaction (IJHaTI)



Call for Papers: Vol. 4, No. 1 April 2020 | International Journal of Human and Technology Interaction (IJHaTI)



Dateline: 28th February 2020

Incoming Issue:

Vol. 4 No. 1  (February 2020)


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Vol 4, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Efficient Signatures Verification System Based on Artificial Neural Networks PDF
H. Said-Ahmed, E. Natsheh 1-10
Demonstration of Palm Vein Pattern Biometric Recognition by Machine Learning PDF
Z.M. Noh, M. Hanafi, R.A. Ramlee, S.A. Radzi 11-18
Design and Development of Product Sorting Robot PDF
Z. Othman, J.S. Wong, N.A. Zailan, T.D. Ponniah, F. Kasmin, S.S.S. Ahmad 19-26
Application of AHP on SMED for Jig and Fixture Design Selection PDF
W.H.W. Mahmood, A.N.M. Amin, L. Hanapiah 27-38
The Challenges faced by Public Sector Governance in implementing e-Procurement System: A Case Study of Education Department of Malacca PDF
N.H. Ngatman, H.S.S Alderei, H. Musa 39-44
Trajectory Generation for Hip Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Using Trajectory PDF
M.R. Sapiee, M.H. Marhaban, M.F. Miskon, A.J. Ishak 45-52
Purchase Intention of Customers Toward Health Products in Melaka State PDF
N.A. Marhaban, N.A. Rahim, F.R. Azmi, N. Hamdan, H. Musa 53-58
Microcredit, Technology Adoption and Economic Development of Rural Household PDF
I.A Jumbri, N.N.M. Nasir, S.M. Sharif, M.Z. Zainudin, A.F. Ismail 59-70
An investigation of the relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Melaka Bookstore PDF
N.A. Rashid, A.K.A. Hamid, N. Said, H. Musa 71-80
Marketing in Malaysian Technology Firms PDF
A. Othman, S. Marimuthu, N. Mohamad, M.M. Abdullah, N.A.A. Rahman, J. Jamal 81-88
The Influence of Green Marketing Mix on Consumer Purchase Intention Towards Green Products PDF
N.A.S.A Sabri, Haslinda Musa, N. Mansor, H. Musa 89-94
Does Government Expenditure in Education Cause Economic Growth: ASEAN-5 Perspective PDF
S. Taasim 95-100
A Conceptual Framework of Service Quality and Patient Loyalty in Muslim Friendly Healthcare PDF
N.A.I. Azman, N. Rashid, N. Ismail, S. Samer 101-106
Expected Tourist Attractions After Pandemic Covid-19 PDF
Z. Ariawan, N.N. Ahmat 107-112

ISSN : 2590-3551, eISSN : 2600-8122     

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