Ahmad Rozelan Yunus, Amir Aris, Izaidin Abdul Majid, Mohd Shamsuri Md Saad


This study investigates the moderating effect of person-environment congruency on entrepreneurs success. Holland’s personal-environment fit theory provide a theory-based approach for research on individual success. Data were obtained from entrepreneur youth who were member and in the leadership position of FELDA Youth Organisation in Malaysia (n=408). Person-environment congruency was found to be a significant moderator of the relationship between entrepreneurial traits and business performance. This has wide-ranging implications for organisational development consultants who intend to shape the culture of entrepreneurs’ organisations, on the assumption that certain entrepreneurial traits directly lead to certain desirable business outcome. One need to pay attention to not only their organisational performance, but to also ensure that they are aimed towards improving the fit between individuals and their work environment. Whereas previous research tends to look at P-E congruency as a predictor of outcomes, this is one study to provide evidence of P-E fit as a moderator of the relationship between between entrepreneurial traits and business performance.

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