Mohd Faezy Kamarolzaman


Small medium entreprise is the backbone of local and world economy. Same goes with Malaysia as developing country. This proposition study are about to find the suitable factors for promotion mix in SME company, Koko Minda Food Industries that located at Serkam, Melaka. The main objectives of this study are to identify factors in promotional strategy that been practice by Koko Minda Food Industries and to evaluate promotional mix and create the new promotional strategy for Koko Minda Food Industries. 50 respondent that choose from workers, customers, and stockiest of Koko Minda Food Industries. They have answered a set of questions in questionnaire that were develop from the promotional strategy that been used in Koko Minda Food Industries. Data are collected had been analyse using exploratory factors analysis to build the better factors for promotional strategy of Koko Minda Food Industries. The result of analysis shown that the suitable factors that can be used for promotional strategy by Koko Minda Food Industries are government support, personal sales, promotional awareness and business to customers (B2C). This study is benefit Koko Minda Food Industries and SMEs companies that have same industries like Koko Minda Food Industries.

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