Vol 10, No 2

April - June 2018

Table of Contents


An FPGA-based Design Approach for Microsatellites Telemetry Subsystem PDF
R. Omidi, H. Bolandi, B. Ghorbani-Vaghei, S.M. Smaeilzadeh, M. Khayyeri 1-8
Hybrid Hashing Method for Similar Vehicle Image Search PDF
A. Fedotov, K. Tasov 9-13
Closed-Form 3-D Position Estimation Lateration Algorithm Reference Pair Selection Technique for a Multilateration System PDF
Abdulmalik S. Yaro, Ahmad Z. Sha'ameri 15-21
Performance Analysis on Stereo Matching Algorithms Based on Local and Global Methods for 3D Images Application PDF
Nurulfajar Abd Manap, Siti Farah Hussin, Abd Majid Darsono, Masrullizam Mat Ibrahim 23-28
Comparable Analysis on Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) Structures using Finite FDTD in FORTRAN and CST PDF
H. Nornikman, N. C. Pee, B. H. Ahmad, S. N. Salleh, M. Z. A. Abd Aziz 29-34
Analysis on Complex Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) using Finite Different Time Domain Method (FDTD) PDF
H. Nornikman, N. C. Pee, B. H. Ahmad, S. N. Salleh, M. Z. A. Abd Aziz 35-41
An Improved Sauvola Approach on Document Images Binarization PDF
Wan Azani Mustafa, Haniza Yazid, Mastura Jaafar 43-50
Construction Method for Infinite Families of Bent Sequences PDF
A.V. Sokolov, I.V. Tsevukh 51-54
Feed System Design of a Parabolic Reflector Antenna for Malaysia Shaped Beam Coverage PDF
N.F. Fauzi, Y. Yamada, M.T. Ali, N.H. Abd. Rahman 55-59
WQVP: An API enabled Open Data Machine Learning based Solution for Water Quality Visualization and Prediction PDF
Pooja Lodhi, Omji Mishra, Gagandeep Kaur 61-72
Intelligent Approach of Event Detection with Efficient Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
M. A. El Abbassi, A. Jilbab, A. Bourouhou 73-80
RF/Analog Performances Enhancement of Short Channel GAAJ MOSFET using Source/Drain Extensions and Metaheuristic Optimization-based Approach PDF
A. Yousfi, Z. Dibi, S. Aissi, H. Bencherif, L. Saidi 81-90
Coverage Probability Optimization Utilizing Flexible Hybrid mmWave Spectrum Slicing-Sharing Access Strategy for 5G Cellular Systems PDF
Mothana L. Attiah, A. A. M. Isa, Z. Zakaria, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin, Nor Fadzilah Abdullah 91-98
Extended Kalman Filter Based Modelled Predictor for Fusion of Accelerometer and Camera Signal to Estimate the Vibration of a Mobile Flexible Link Manipulator PDF
Tai Kiang Chang, Jee Hou Ho 99-108
Evaluation of Interfaced Plate Parameters on Impact-Based Piezoelectric Power Generation PDF
N. X. Yan, A. A. Basari, K. S. Leong, N. A. A. Nawir, S. Hashimoto 109-118
Augmenting Mobile Data Networks using WiFi Offloading: A Measurement Study PDF
N.A. Wahab, A.A.M. Isa, M.R. Ahmad, Ruliyanta Ruliyanta 119-123
Fuzzy Logic Controller for Half Car Active Suspension System PDF
A.A. Basari, N.A.A. Nawir, K.A. Mohamad, X.Y. Ng, A.M. Khafe 125-129
An Evaluation of Security Governance Model in Organizational Information Technology or Information Systems Security Implementation PDF
Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim, Nadianatra Musa, Chiew Kang Leng 131-135
Optimized Authentication for Wireless Body Area Network PDF
A. S. Al-Khaleefa, M.R. Ahmad, R.C. Muniyandi, R.F. Malik, A.A.M. Isa 137-142
The Development of Wireless Power Transfer Technologies for Mobile Charging in Vehicles using Inductive Approach PDF
S. Gnanasegaran, S. Saat, F.K.A. Rahman, S.H. Husin, A. Khafe, A. S. M. Isira, A. M. Darsono, A. Yahya, Y. Yusop, N.M.M. Shaari 143-149

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