Vol 9, No 3-11

Computing Technology Towards A Sustainable Society

Chief Editor: Wang Yin Chai
Editors: Norsuzailina Mohamed Sutan, Mah Yau Seng

Table of Contents


Capturing Service Versioning in Provenance Trace to Support Reproducibility PDF
Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim, Chiew Kang Leng, Nadianatra Musa 1-5
Transforming Semi-Structured Indigenous Dictionary into Machine-Readable Dictionary PDF
Bali Ranaivo-Malançon, Suhaila Saee, Rosita Mohamed Othman, Jennifer Fiona Wilfred Busu 7-11
Applying Bipartite Network Approach to Scarce Data: Validation of the Habitat Suitability Model of a Marine Mammal Species PDF
ChinYing Liew, Jane Labadin 13-16
PAL: Personal Assistant System Using Low-Cost Computer PDF
Melanie Louisa Khong Fui Yee, Sarah Samson Juan 17-21
A New Harmony Search Algorithm with Evolving Spiking Neural Network for Classification Problems PDF
Abdulrazak Yahya Saleh, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Haza Nuzly Abdull Hamed, Teh Chee Siong, Mohd Kamal Othman 23-26
Parkbuddy – Find My Car Android Mobile Application PDF
Flora Stephanie Francis, Nurfauza Jali, Ahmad Hadinata Fauzi, Suriati Khartini Jali 27-32
Vehicle Classification and Counting for Vehicle Census PDF
Dellas Chan Su Chieng, Wang Yin Chai 33-37
Selecting Requirement Elicitation Methods for Designing ICT Application in Minority Community PDF
Rosita Mohamed Othman, Suhaila Saee, Yanti Rosmunie Bujang, Bali Ranaivo-Malançon 39-42
Pitfall of Google Tri-Grams Word Similarity Measure PDF
Linda Wong Lin Juan, Bong Chih How, Johari Abdullah, Lee Nung Kiong 43-46
A Comparative Study of Features Extracted in the Classification of Human Skin Burn Depth PDF
Kuan Pei Nei, Stephanie Chua, Ehfa Bujang Safawi 47-50
Real-Life Faculty Examination Timetabling to Utilise Room Used PDF
San-Nah Sze, Min-Hui Phang, Kang-Leng Chiew 51-54
Preventing DoS Attacks in IoT Using AES PDF
Yasir Javed, Adnan Shahid Khan, Abdul Qahar, Johari Abdullah 55-60
Comparative Studies of Ontologies on Sarawak Gazette PDF
Fatihah Ramli, Bali Ranaivo-Malançon, Stephanie Chua, Mira Shumiza Mohammad 61-65
Analysis of Nine Instance-Based Genetic Algorithm Classifiers Using Small Datasets PDF
Hossin M., Mahudin F., Din I, Mat A.R. 67-71
A Sentence Similarity Measure Based on Conceptual Elements PDF
Wendy Tan Wei Syn, Bong Chih How, Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim 73-77
Mobile Application for Improving Speech and Text Data Collection Approach PDF
Sarah Samson Juan, Jennifer Fiona Wilfred Busu 79-83
Interactive English Phonics Learning for Kindergarten Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) Word Using Augmented Reality PDF
Jonathan Sidi, Lay Foong Yee, Wang Yin Chai 85-91
Game Usability Heuristics Evaluation Approach for Speech Therapy Mobile Application Games PDF
Carolyne Alphonsus Tommy, Jacey-Lynn Minoi, Chin Saw Sian 93-97
EEoP: A Lightweight Security Scheme over PKI in D2D Cellular Networks PDF
Yasir Javed, Adnan Shahid Khan, Abdul Qahar, Johari Abdullah 99-105
Energy Efficient Resource Allocation and Utilization in Future Heterogeneous Cellular Network PDF
Abdul Qahar, Adnan Shahid Khan, Yasir Javed, Johari Abdullah 107-110
The Role of Demographic Variables on Knowledge-Sharing Behaviour among Academicians PDF
Arenawati Sehat Haji Omar, Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 111-114
Effective Classification Using Artificial Bee Colony Based Feature Selector PDF
S.H. Hassan, N. Yusup, D.N.F. Awang Iskandar 115-120
Design of a Transcription Tool for the Kelabit Community of Bario, Sarawak PDF
Emmy Dahliana Hossain, Sarah Flora Samson Juan, Jane Labadin, Priscillica Agas 121-124
Validation of Perceived Community Safety Instrument Using Polytomous Rasch Measurement Model PDF
Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Donald Stephen, Dayang Siti Aisah Abang Suhaili, Alexandra Nastassia John, Abg Mohd Heikal Abg Othman, Nur Adila Latif 125-129
Optical Character Recognition for Brahmi Script Using Geometric Method PDF
Neha Gautam, Soo See Chai 131-136

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