Molecular Modeling Characteristics Based on Bio-Inspired Ant Colony Optimization in Long-Range Nanonetworks

Ika Dewi Saiful Bahri, Soo Young Shin, Siti Asma Che Aziz


This paper presents a bio-inspired molecular communication algorithm using ant colony optimization (ACO) to enable a target node to find the optimal path to a source node. The target node will attempt to find the next optimal node to the source using the molecules emitted and diffused by the source, which is analogous with the pheromones of an ant colony. The positions and velocities of the molecules determine the state in molecular dynamics. As the performance measures, the arrival time and number of contacts with molecules from the target to the source are evaluated two-dimensionally (2D) and three dimensionally (3D) with different time steps. On the basis of the simulation results in this study, the size of the time step is concluded to be a dominant factor in molecular communication.


Molecular communication; Nanotechnology; Bio-inspired; Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)

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