A Cyber Command and Control Framework for Psychological Operation Using Social Media

Kyoungmin Kim, Junwoo Seo, Mookyu Park, Moosung Park, Kyungho Lee


Global threats, international terrorist groups and North Korea, paralyze political decisions by attacking and neutralizing the credibility of the main policy makers in the state and simultaneously manipulate the public opinion, which results in distrust and disconnection between each other. These threats use social media as their biggest core routine to conduct such attacks. This paper presents a series of processes and frameworks on how a commander should make a decision when performing a cyber psychological operation using social media. Based on the Endsley model, which is a situational awareness model, the paper compares the strengths and weaknesses of the three social media operations (IGMO, DeSMO, OSMO) performed by the military and proposes a guideline for performing an operation.


Command&Control(C2); Cyber Psychological Warfare; Information Operation; Situational Awareness; Social Media Operation

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