Synthesis and Studies of Digital Frequency Modulator-demodulator with Non-Coherent Demodulator Containing a Band-pass Active Filter

B. Karapenev


This paper presents a scientific- and practically- applied development of the digital frequency modulator-demodulator. This includes a conceptual project, synthesis and the design of its main blocks: non-coherent digital frequency demodulator containing a band-pass active filter and an amplitude detector. Results of the carried out simulation and experimental studies of developed laboratory model were presented. The paper presents a synthesis of a digital frequency demodulator model without the use of specialized components and integrated circuits available in the libraries of simulation study software. This is possible by choosing a non-coherent circuit variant. Results of the simulation and experiments indicated that the synthesis, design and modeling of the non-coherent FSK demodulator was successful.


Band-pass Active Filter; Demodulator; Digital Frequency Modulator; Non-coherent; Studies; Synthesis

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