Dual Encryption Techniques for Secure Image Transmission

Andik Setyono, De Rosal Ignatius Moses Setiadi, Muljono Muljono


Security is the most important thing in sending secret messages through internet media. Cryptography is one of the techniques used for securing the messages by encoding so it cannot be read directly. This research proposes a cryptographic method by combining two cryptographic algorithms namely RSA and Vernam Cipher. The RSA algorithm strength depends on the quality of the key, which is generated by the formulation of two prime numbers p and q. The result of the formulation can encrypt the image pixel values beyond the boundary. RSA algorithm is modified to work better on the image and to accommodate encryption results with a larger range. For more robust image security, RSA is combined with Vernam Cipher algorithm. To test the performance of the proposed method, the histogram analysis, measuring entropy, and correlation coefficient, and the time required for the computation process were performed. Based on the combined results of both techniques proved that image security has improved because all measuring devices produced satisfactory values.


Image Cryptography; Image Security; Encryption; RSA; Vernam Cipher;

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