Performance Evaluation of Chaos Based IDMA Scheme Using Joint Turbo Equalization Over Frequency Selective Fading Channel

Aasheesh Shukla, Atul Bansal, Vishal Goyal, Karan Veer, Vinay Kumar Deolia


This paper proposed the analysis of a new chaos based interleave division multiple access (CB-IDMA) wireless communication system. It also proposed the use of joint turbo equalization to mitigate the effect of intersymbol interference (ISI) in deep faded frequency selective channel. In this study, the proposed CB-IDMA system used the chaotic Tent map for the design of a robust interleaver, which produces low correlation among the users and yields better bit error rate performance. The proposed structure combined the joint turbo equalization for the cancellation of ISI and multiple access interference (MAI), which was observed as the main impediment to successful IDMA communication over frequency selective multipath fading channel. Two types of frequency domain equalizers were considered for performance evaluation; zero forcing (ZF) and minimum mean square error (MMSE) equalizer. Simulation experiments were performed in MATLAB and the results demonstrated that the proposed CB-IDMA system with joint turbo equalization may be preferred in deep fading environment.


Chaos IDMA; Logistic Map; Tent map Interleaver; Turbo Equalization

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