The Novel Digital Image Correlation Technique in Predicting Behaviour and Failure of Hybrid Composite

A.F Ab Ghani, M R Mansor, MZ Selamat, A Jumahat, J Mahmud


This paper presents a technique in measuring deformation occurs on in-plane hybrid composite CFRP/GFRP. The challenging task of extracting mechanical properties of the hybrid composite is assisted with the use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique. DIC is an innovative technique which able to capture full field deformation of tensile deformation. The complex deformation captured for hybrid composite in-plane tensile deformation and behavior using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) under static loading is a new area of study in literature. Generally, hybrid composite consists of more than one reinforcing sections or multiple reinforcing or multiple matrix sections or single reinforcing phase with multiple matrix phases. As a result of a compromise between the materials within the hybrid composite, the deformation and stress analysis are to be evaluated and tailored as each constituent of material carry their own desired mechanical properties according to a performance requirement. It is found in relation of stress-strain relationship of hybrid composite under tensile loading via DIC, the modulus of elasticity is found to record value around 92-97GPa which in theoretical benchmark located in between value of Modulus of Elasticity, E1 for CFRP(120GPa) and GFRP(42GPa) which proves the occurrence of the hybrid effect. It is a new research area in utilizing digital image correlation (DIC) technique on hybrid composite rather than conventional composite in material characterization.


Digital Image Correlation; Hybrid Composite; Ncorr; Non-Contact Strain;

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