Weather Detector for Motorcyclist with Notification from GSM/GPRS Module

Noor Asyikin Sulaiman, A.R. Syafeeza, Mu’az B Zainal, P. Marzuki, N. A. Ali, Azdiana Md Yusop


This paper presents a weather detector for the motorcyclist. The device notifies the user by sending SMS and turns on the emergency light during rain. The device will detect three different weather conditions which are rain warning, heavy rain and sunny day. Water drop sensor will measure the resistance of the sensor if the water drops at the surface of the sensor and send data to the Arduino. Arduino will make a decision accordingly; then it will command the GSM/GPRS module to send a message to the user regarding the weather condition. The message will be sent for every 30 minutes throughout the rain. If the user were riding the motorcycle when the rain started, the emergency light would be turned on to alert another vehicle. Results showed that the system could differentiate three different weather condition and able to send out a warning message to the user when it would rain or heavy rain.


About; Emergency Light; GSM/GPRS; Motorcyclist; Raindrop Sensor;

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