Dual Band Planar Microwave Sensor for Dielectric Characterization using Solid and Liquid Sample

Norhanani Abd Rahman, Zahriladha Zakaria, Rosemizi Abd Rahim, Yosza Dasril, Amyrul Azuan Mohd Bahar


Dual band Complementary Folded Arm (CFA) split ring resonator is designed to determine the dielectric properties of liquid and solid materials based on resonance frequency shifting. The structure resonator is light, small and low-cost and it operates at two resonant frequencies simulated by ANSYS HFSS-15 software. The advantages of this sensor are to identify the dielectric properties of two different samples for a solid sample at 2.5GHz and several common liquids at 3.9GHz. The results show the good performance of the shift of resonance frequency at the different dielectric values and achieve the high-quality factor compared with other RF sensors with 446 and 506 respectively. Due to this, the resonator can be a highly credible sensor for bio-sensing and food quality industry.


Dual Mode; DMS; DGS; Q-factor; Solid; Liquid;

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