Saving Matrix Method for Efficient Distribution Route Based on Google Maps API

Timothy John Pattiasina, Eddy Triswanto Setyoadi, David Wijayanto


This research presents a method for solving distribution route problem for the company to be able to deliver goods or products to customers effectively. Using a website to determine distribution routes, the company can save the shipping cost in the delivery of goods to company branch or to customers directly. Therefore, it is necessary to schedule and pinpoint the delivery route appropriately so the route that has been taken can be more efficient in terms of distance, time, and cost. Saving Matrix is a method to minimize distance, time, and cost to produce an efficient delivery route. In Saving Matrix method requires the distance between the warehouse owned by a company and the destination of goods delivery, originating from the warehouse company. Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) as service from Google that provides maps containing location information from around the world it is used to determine the distance. Users can directly fill the location of the warehouse, destination location, and vehicle data through the website. Then the website calculates the distance by using Saving Matrix method and show the optimal distribution routes for the company.


Distribution Route; Google Maps API; Saving Matrix Method;

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