Remote Spectrum Analyzer based on Web Software Defined Radio for Use in Telecommunication Engineering Remote Laboratory

F. Yudi Limpraptono, Eko Nurcahyo


Software defined radio (SDR) is a new paradigm in the design of wireless communication devices. Currently SDR technology is widely used in the field of telecommunications such as mobile phones and is very popularly used on amateur radio. SDR technology not only can be used for radio transceiver system, but SDR can also be used as a spectrum analyzer. The spectrum analyzer is an instrumentation that is needed by researchers in the field of telecommunications and amateur radio activists. The problem of researchers and amateur radio activists is how to use spectrum analyzers that can be accessed remotely, so that they can observe the spectrum of the radio frequency that produced by their communication devices remotely when they experiment with the radio transmitters or antenna. From this background, this research proposes the development of a remote spectrum analyzer system based on web software defined radio. The remote spectrum analyzer will be integrated with remote laboratories that can be accessed by the wider community either by researchers, amateur radio activists, and students at educational institutions, by accessing it through the internet network.


Web Software Defined Radio; Embedded System; Remote Laboratory;

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