A Review of Different Applications of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in Monitoring Rehabilitation

Nursabillilah Mohd Ali, GWM Sing, CC Yee, Toy Kang, TT Chee, MZ Ab Rashid, M Sulaiman, A Razi, Z Hasan, AFZ Abidin


Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that affects movement. The lack of dopamine in the brain cells causes patients have lesser ability to regulate movement and emotions as time goes on. There is no cure for this disease. Although drug therapies are successful for some patients, most of the patients usually develop motor complications. In this paper, we presented our work towards the comparison of several wireless sensor network (WSN) systems for monitoring Parkinson’s patients. The designs of each system are explored. The parts being considered to design a wireless sensor network and limitations are discussed. These findings helped us to suggest a possible wireless sensor network system to supervise Parkinson’s diseases patients for a more extended period of time.


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN); Rehabilitation; Parkinson’s Disease;

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