A Comparison of Four Types of Evolution Strategies for Beef Cattle Feed Optimization

Tirana Noor Fatyanosa, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, Marjuki Marjuki


Beef cattle feed optimization is a multi-objective problem. For different weight of beef cattle, the required nutrition is also different. The feed also requires a balance of nutrients with a low price. This paper presents a comparison of four types of Evolution Strategies (ES) for beef cattle feed optimization. The results of our experiments suggest that the performance and robustness of ES (µ,λ), ES (µ/ρ,λ), and ES (µ+λ) are comparable, while ES (µ/ρ+λ) performs slightly worse. This fact together promotes ES (µ/ρ,λ) as the most robust for practical use. The experimental results show that the feed price obtained from ES (µ/ρ,λ) is 5524.465 with fitness value of 1.809861462.


Beef Cattle Feed Optimization; Evolution Strategies;

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