Smart Localization and Detection System for School Children

A. R. Abdullah, N. N. S. A. Rahman, N. M. Saad, N. M. Z. Hashim, A. Z. Kamaruddin


The lack of parental supervision in the past few years, contributes to the increasing number of crime against children. Many cases of missing children are reported by PDRM every year and have become a vital concern to the society. Hence, this paper presents a smart localization and detection system for school children to overcome the issues of missing children. The proposed system is implemented for tracking and notifying the location of the children using SIM908 Global Positioning System (GPS) Module with Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technologies and Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller board. The module kit is placed inside the children’s school bag while they are going to school. The children positioning information is sent through GSM to the parent’s smartphone via Short Message service (SMS) that is linked to Google Map. It allows parents to know their children location on a real-time map. Thus, it can help the parents to monitor their children everywhere. The proposed system is proven to be efficient, reliable and low cost.


Location; Children; Global Positioning System; Global System for Mobile Communication;

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