Raspberry Pi 3 as a Smart Stand-alone POS System in a Small Restaurant Business

Sidney Carlo Lopez, Sidney Sheldon Tan, Wellington Villasin, Aaron John Zarzoso, Mark Lorenze Torregaza


Most retailers consider Point of Sale (POS) systems as the central component of their business. It is what keeps everything together and allows an efficient flow of service within a business. It is important to know what a POS system really is, it is not one entity. A POS system utilizes software and hardware components, every establishment uses a different combination of hardware and software. This paper aims to show a cost effective POS system that makes use of the raspberry pi 3. The system will be implemented on a small restaurant and will automate order and payment transactions. Notifications to the owner of each transaction will be possible via SMS and access to the inventory via database is also possible via the internet.


Point of Sale; Raspberry Pi; Internet of Things; SMS; Python;

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