Development of Low Cost HF Antenna for Amplitude Observation at Equatorial Region

J. Talib, A. Taat, A. N Dagang, M. H Jusoh, R. Umar, W. H Wan Hassan


In this paper the development of low cost antenna for High Frequency (HF) has been proposed. The proposed antenna is designed to operate from 3 MHz until 30 MHz for space weather observation. The antenna consists of small loop with primary and secondary loop. The primary and secondary purpose for radiating element while a lumped element being placed in series with the secondary loop for frequency tuning. Circumference size is taken from the 1/10 or 10% of wavelength, with circumference of 2.14 M and diameter of 0.64 M and able to capture the frequency at 15.21 and 15.34 MHz respectively. 4nec2 software has been used to bear out the simulation results. The antennas prototype has been designed, constructed and measured. The return loss measurement of antenna is -30dB, at 14 MHz. An omni directional radiation pattern measurement has been carried out at 15 MHz for signal transmitting.


High Frequency; Loop Antenna; Space Weather;

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