A Wideband Circularly-Polarized Spiral Antenna for CubeSat Application

A. M. Ahmad Mustafa, S. Mohamad, N. F. Abdul Malek, F. N. Mohd. Isa, I. M. Rafiqul


In this paper, a wideband circularly-polarized spiral antenna is proposed to be used for CubeSat application. The antenna covers two of CubeSat frequencies; the S-band (2.2 GHz) and X-band (8 GHz). The proposed antenna belongs to the wideband and frequency-independent antenna category, which are known to provide a constant radiation pattern, impedance and polarization throughout the whole bandwidth. The performance of the spiral is compared in two different conditions; in free space and above a ground plane with a separation distance of λ/4 at the operating frequency of 2.2 GHz and 8 GHz. The spiral above the ground plane exhibits a unidirectional radiation and higher gain with an increase of 26.6% (2.2 GHz) to 34.6% (8 GHz) than the free space spiral. Moreover, the return loss also managed to stay within the ideal limit of S11<-10dB (-19.528 dB at 2.2 GHz, and -21.92 dB at 8 GHz) and exhibits circularly-polarized radiation with low axial ratio<3 dB (0.78 dB at 2.2 GHz, and 0.89 dB at 8 GHz).


Circular Polarization; CubeSat; FrequencyIndependent Antennas; Spiral Antennas; Wideband Antennas;

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