Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna for UHF RFID Reader

M. H. Ariff, M. Y. Hisyam, M. Z. Ibrahim, S. Khatun, I. Ismarani, N. Shamsuddin


This paper presents an analysis of Circular shape patch antenna for Ultra High-Frequency Identification (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader Applications. The fabricated antenna has lightweight, simple structure, low profile and easy for fabrication due to the used of FR-4 materials with loss tangent 0.019, the dielectric constant of 4.7 and thickness of 1.6 mm. It can be operated for UHF RFID system in Malaysia with the frequency assigned from 919 MHz to 923 MHz. The antenna simulation was analysed by using CST Studio Suite 2016. From the results, the antenna has the reflection coefficient (S11) less than -10dB together with the bandwidth of 90 MHz. Other results of antenna parameter such as voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), circular polarized radiation pattern, return loss and gain were also discussed. The complete size of the proposed antenna is 120 mm x 120 mm x 1.6 mm. Thus, it is suitable for RFID portable reader applications.


Microstrip Antenna; Radio Frequency Identification; Ultra High Frequency; Return Loss;

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