Autonomous MEMS Gyroscope and Accelerometer for North Finding System

Nur Hazliza Ariffin, Iza Rozwan Iskandar Zakaria, Norhana Arsad, Ahmad Ashrif Abu Bakar, Badariah Bais, Mohd Saiful Dzulkefly Zan


The precision in detecting the north direction and estimate orientation is highly important. Excellent standard of gyroscopes, such as ring laser gyros, are capable of maintaining measurement at a high level. However, the device and technology required for it are bulky and high in cost. The accuracy of common instruments in detecting direction such as compass and electronics magnetometer can be easily reduced due to electromagnetic interference. Therefore, a continuous rotation method of the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System gyroscope and accelerometer is proposed, in order to seek true north angle. With this method, the issues regarding gyroscope will be solved. Moreover, the autonomous system consists of gyroscope and accelerometer which function in mounting the horizontal shape of the rotating laser controlled by the microcontroller. Moreover, it has been proven that the developed prototype provides an accuracy with complementary filter factor, a = 0.97. In addition, besides the fact that the rotator displays a successful rotation at ±0.02° for a rotation angle ranging from 0° to 360°, an autocollimator has also calibrated the rotator. Apart from that, it has been proven from the field test results that an accuracy of ±1°, is acquired by the developed system, regarding the true north angle that is verified by the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia.


Complementary Filter; MEMS Accelerometer; MEMS Gyroscope, North;

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