Software Ageing Measurement Model (SAMM): An Instrument Development

Zaiha Nadiah Zainal Abidin, Jamaiah H. Yahaya, Aziz Deraman


The rapid expansion in software development forced the owners and developers of a software to develop a good quality software and relevant for use in a long period of time without affecting the operation and high maintenance cost. There should be a standard measurement or indicator to monitor relevance level of the software from internal and external views of the product. Software ageing measurement is an effort to help the owners of the software to monitor the level of relevance of the application software that has been developed and operated in certain environment. This study aims to develop software ageing measurement model and therefore, the instrument for measuring the ageing should be developed as the input to identify the quality status and relevancy of the measured software. There are 3 phases in developing software ageing measurement instrument: development of measurement requirement, development of the instrument items and instrument validation. After all the processes have been implemented, the instrument is finalized and readied to be used in software ageing measurement model. In this study, the instrument was developed based on the Software Ageing Factors Hierarchical (SAFH) Framework. The measurement in the instrument uses Likert scales as the numerical values.


Framework; Software Ageing; Software Ageing Factors Hierarchical; Software Ageing Measurement Instrument;

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