Application of Taguchi-based Grey Fuzzy Logic for Simultaneous Optimization in TiO2/WSix-based Vertical Double-gate MOSFET

K.E. Kaharudin, F. Salehuddin, A.S. M.Zain, M.N.I. A.Aziz


This present study focuses on finding the optimal process parameters, considering multiple electrical properties of titanium dioxide/tungsten silicide (TiO 2 /WSi x )-based vertical double-gate MOSFET via L 9 orthogonal array (OA) Taguchibased grey fuzzy logic. Four process parameters that are V TH implant energy, halo implant dose, source/drain (S/D) implant dose and S/D implant tilt angle, are optimized to obtain the most desired value of on-current (I ON ), off-current (IOFF ) and subthreshold slope (SS). The design of experiment (DoE) is based on the L 9 OA of Taguchi method and the experimental value for multiple electrical characteristics are represented by a grey fuzzy reasoning grade (GFRG). The most optimal level of four process parameters towards I ON , IOFF and SS are chosen based on the highest GFRG. The results of analysis of variance (ANOVA) show that the most dominant process parameter is S/D implant tilt angle with 96.76% factor effect on GFRG. The most optimal value for ION , IOFF and SS after the optimization are 1589.2 µA/µm, 8.483E-10 A/µm and 68.21 mV/dec respectively with 0.564 of GFRG.


ANOVA; GFRG; Off-Current; On-Current;

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