Advanced Timing Circuit for Magnetization of AMR Magnetometer

David Vala


This contribution describes the invention of Magnetometer with protection against detection by electronic countermeasure (ECM) registered by Czech patent office as patent no. 305322.[1] Magnetic sensors are often part of dual use or security instruments and equipment. For this purpose, it is very interesting to build a sensor, which is hidden against electronic countermeasure. In this case, the level and behavior of electromagnetic noise produced by a sensor has become very important. Further, there has been a significant growth of the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices. As the consequence of this growth, there is a continuous process of making strict standards focused on the electromagnetic radiation of electronic devices. Sensors technology begins to be a part of these issues due to the increasing usage of sensors bandwidth and the approach to frequency of radio communication band. Nowadays, microcontrollers and similar digital circuits are integrated into sensors devices and it brings new sources of electromagnetic radiation in modern smart sensors.


Anisotropic Magnetoresistors; AMR; Magnetic Sensor; EMC, Weak Magnetic Field; Electronic Countermeasure; ECM;

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