A Comparison Study of Engine Performance in Range Extended Electric Vehicle and Conventional Vehicle

Bambang Wahono, Achmad Praptijanto, Widodo Budi Santoso, Arifin Nur, Suherman Suherman, Muhammad Khristamto Aditya Wardana


This study aimed to compare the fuel consumption and performance of engine in range extended electric vehicle (REEV) and conventional vehicle which contain different drive systems. For this purpose, a vehicle system simulation has been used to simulate these vehicle models. This simulation used data from 4 cylinders 1186 cc engine in a conventional vehicle and electric machine, battery, generator and engine 2 cylinders 999 cc in range extended electric vehicle. While aspects of vehicle dimensions such as wheels, brakes, differential, and transmission likened to both drive systems. The results of this simulation have been shown and compared with each other.


Fuel Consumption; Range Extender Engine; Conventional; AVL Cruise;

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