A GPFCSP-Based Fuzzy XQuery Interpreter

Pannipa Sae Ueng, Srđan Škrbić, Supaporn Kansomkeat, Apirada Thadadech


Nowadays XQuery has become the strongest standard for querying XML data. However, most of the real world information is in the form of imprecise, vague, ambiguous, uncertain and incomplete values. That is why there is a need for a flexible query language in which users can formulate queries that arise from their own criteria. In this paper, we propose an implementation of the Fuzzy XQuery - an extension of the XQuery query language based on the fuzzy set theory. In particular, we provide priority, threshold and fuzzy expressions for handling flexible queries. In addition, we have implemented an interpreter for this language by using the GPFCSP concept in Java and eXist-db environment.


Fuzzy XQuery; XQuery Interpreter; XML Database; Fuzzy Set Theory.

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