New Solution for ICT/ELV Infrastructure Project Reporting Using Datalink Technique System

H M Saleh, M. N. Husain, A. A. M. Isa


In infrastructure project, a failure on reliable project reporting will lead to Variation Order (VO) and Project Delay issues. It is now a normal phenomenon, which leads to many negative effects such as lawsuits, claims, loss of productivity and revenue, which may also lead to contract termination. Hence, the research aims to develop a new solution system program, called Datalink Technique System (DTS) to solve the problems that occur in an infrastructure project. The objective is to eliminate the loss and reduce the project cost. However, it is not limited to that as in future it can also be applied to others. DTS introduces the new advanced technologies system solution and reliable, yet it is still consistent with the current approach to manage the project. The program produces data/information correctly and precisely.


Datalink Technique System (DTS); Section Link Page Program(SLPP); Tabulation Detailed Project Reporting (TDPR); Variation Order(VO); Very Early System Program Alarm (VESPA);

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