Performance of Caching in Wireless Small Cell Networks

Chedia Jarray, Chibani Belgacem


In this paper, a fifth generation (5G) radio cellular system performance will be discussed based on a new architecture developed using small base stations (SBSs). This strategy takes into account SBS caching capability to alleviate the backhaul load and consequently satisfy users’ requests. Therefore, the effectiveness of future 5G networks will be maximized by offering good coverage with low latency. This is a new caching paradigm called proactive caching, which could be useful for the implementation in big data. Significant gains in reducing traffic on backhaul links and user satisfaction will be ensured. Customers are served by picking the content from local caches, stochastically distributed over the plane, as a formerly limited backhaul. Success probability expressions are obtained as a function of the signal-to-interference and noiseratio (SINR) and SBS density.


Caching; Coverage Probability; Poisson Point Process; Small Cell Networks;

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